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Services for Partners

We realize how competitive the staffing industry is and, therefore, set ourselves apart from other agencies by offering the highest standard of customer service available. The following are value-added services we offer daily:


  • Dedicated, professional, highly-trained staff

  • Accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Staff members on-call Holidays and Weekends

  • Each office maintains a pool of screened employees granting us the capability of "last minute, on time" deliveries for emergency needs, sometimes within as little as two (2) hours for less-skilled positions

  • Customized, in-office orientation program at client's request

  • Employee incentive progroms, including vacation pay and attendance bonuses, developed with the client to boost employee morale and promote client satisfaction

  • Handling all payroll, taxes, deductions, workers' compensation, unemployment, and benefits

  • Full liability and workers' compensation coverage

  • Competitive and all-inclusive bill rate

  • On-Site Facilitator at no extra charge (50+ employees)


Initial Contact


Our clients understand that Two Hawk Employment Services save them time and money. Understanding customer service, value-added services and a friendly staff are collectively the key to a successful venture and partnership with any company.


In the initial contact with the potential client, a Two Hawk sales manager will conduct a short interview outlining information such as the nature of the client's business, job descriptions, pay rates, as well as contact information. If immediate action is not required, a site walk-through of the facility where the temps will be placed may be conducted to better understand the nature of the work needed to be completed. The information collected in this interview and walk-through is relayed to Two Hawk Workers' Compensation carrier, which in turn supplies Two Hawk with Job Classification Codes. These codes specify exposure to job-related safety concerns and dictate the all-inclusive mark-up that Two Hawk presents to the client.


During this process, the potential client will also be asked to complete an Account Debtor Application concerning trade references and information detailing the client's ability to respond to invoicing. When the Class Code and Credit Application processes are complete, our sales representative will issue a Terms of Agreement contract between Two Hawk and the potential client. Upon the signing of this document, temporary workers can be placed at the client facility immediately.

Once a company becomes interested in Two Hawk, or is in an emergency situation that involves a need for temporary labor within 24-48 hours, potential clients will be taken through a short process.


Our Services


Two Hawk Employee Services will provide all hourly rate temporary employment services, as contracted by your company, by utilizing the highly trained and capable staff at our Lumberton, NC office. The Lumberton office is staffed with a Branch Manager and with recruiting and placement specialists. This convenient, close proximity of our Two Hawk staff to your company should ensure a direct and open line of communications. Quick response to employment requisitions as well as quick resolution to questions or concerns about liability, payroll, workers' compensation, safety, employee discipline, policy, or bill rates can be expected.


Our office operating hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, our staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, to provide employment services during times that are outside the normal operating hours. We furnish our clients with a cell phone number that can be called anytime our office is closed, and you are assured of immediate response and assistance from an on-duty specialist. Our office telephones are equipped with standard voice mail as a backup, just in case you call during operating hours and all our response lines are busy. Additional contact information, to include business phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses, will be provided listing all Two Hawk associates assigned to the account. That list includes both branch office associates and associates assigned to the corporate office. Two Hawk Employment Services understands that serving your facility requires providing all services 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. This is already our work standard, currently available to all our clients.


On Site Follow-up


Providing on-site follow-up to ensure employees are meeting a client's expectations is an important element of Two Hawk Employment Services' customer service plan. The On-Site Facilitator will make certain all directives and announcements have been communicated and understood by the employees. Periodic checks of each work area where Two Hawk employees are assigned will be made by the facilitator to ensure our employees are performing to GMP standards and to your company management expectations.


Recruiting and Placement


Two Hawk Employment Services utilizes a variety of resources to recruit applicants including:


  • The Two Hawk Employment Services website:

  • Newspaper, television, and radio advertisement

  • Employee and client referrals

  • Regional job fairs

  • Internet job links

  • Community networking and involvement


Our applicants are completely screened and each personally interviewed by a skilled Placement Specialist. Each applicant is individually assessed and placed according to their skill set, thereby developing an applicant pool specific to each one of our client's needs. We conduct a drug screen, a criminal background search, reference checks, and the E-Verify process is completed for every new hire, at no additional cost, on every employee placed. This thorough screening process helps ensure the position is being filled by a qualified individual and it helps to reduce turnover and increase productivity saving our clients time and money.


Two Hawk Employment Services will maintain a pool of pre-screened employees allowing us to respond to most job orders received within 24 hours. When general labor is specified on the order, and emergency needs communicated, our response time can be less than two (2) hours. Response time for filling job positions in a skilled labor category would depend on the skill level needed, physical characteristics of the worksite, and the duration of the assignment.