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Services For Employees

If you are a first time applicant with Two Hawk Employment Services, your completed application will remain active for 12 months from the date completed. At the end of that period, you must reapply in person to express continuing interest in employment. It is your responsibility to contact our office, by phone or in person, on a weekly basis to remain active. This includes before, during, and after placement.


Once you have been placed on a job assignment you will remain a Two Hawk Employment Service employee for an indefinite period of time. As a temporary agency, all assignments are temporary until a client decides to take you on their payroll. The client makes this decision based on their need and your performance. Other clients may only require temporary employment.


While working for Two Hawk Employment Services you are responsible for your time card unless otherwise specified at the time of placement. If you are placed with a company that uses group time sheets you will be advised of this when you are assigned. Otherwise, your time card must be in our office no later than 9am each Monday morning. Time cards must be filled out completely and signed by your supervisor at the end of each work week or upon completion of an assignment. You will be paid for your first week of employment (beginning on any day Sun-Sat) the following Friday and each Friday thereafter. Checks available on Friday will be at this office the following Monday. Checks will not be released to anyone other than you.


Added benefits of becoming a Two Hawk Employment Services employee are vacation pay, available to all employees who complete 1500 hours within a 52 week period, and an affordable health care insurance plan. The insurance plan offers you and your dependants medical, hospital indemnity, vision care, dental, term and accidental death, and short-term disability insurance. Insurance premium payments are conveniently deducted directly from your paycheck.

Two Hawk participates in the Federal E-Verify US employment eligibility authorization program and complies with state and federal laws governing US work authorization.



Our drug screening is done in house. We use a FIVE-panel drug test "iscreen" which checks for the following substances: Cocaine (COC), Methamphetamine (MAMP), Marijuana (THC), and Opium (OPI), and Amphetamines (AMP). Positive tests are sent out to a laboratory for confirmation.


We currently use the online service "Intellicorp" to search for criminal records. Intellicorp is a sophisticated screening platform that compiles an applicant's address history and utilizes that information to generate searches. The results display records down to the county level and include felonies and misdemeanors as well as inmate and sex offender records. A search of court records will be associated with the subjects current and previous residences. Reported information will include court, case number, date filed, charges, conviction date and disposition.