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The Two Hawk Employment Services Corporate staff provides the leadership, experience, and professionalism to ensure full compliance with contract terms. This team will accept any new challenge and will work diligently with your local branch office staff to provide the exceptional, value-added employment solutions our customers depend on:



Harvey Godwin, Jr., Owner


With over 30 years experience providing customers with quality service, Mr. Godwin has continued to provide progressive staffing solutions to a growing, diverse, and complex customer base. As founder of Two Hawk Employment Services, Mr. Godwin believes in hands-on leadership and open lines of communications. His experience and expertise will provide the solutions to any complex technical positions to be filled.

Jill Britt, Chief Operations Officer


Ms. Britt will ensure that Two Hawk Employment Services' mission of delivering exceptional, value-added services to your company and to our employees' success. With over 10 years experience in the staffing business exclusively with Two Hawk Employment Services, Ms. Britt is well qualified to monitor and direct the performance each branch's staff and to initiate changes or corrective actions whenever there is a need.

Carol Lucas, Controller


With over 20 years experience in the banking and finance business, Ms. Lucas provides the expertise and attention needed to manage the diverse and complex accounting and financial challenges presented daily in a constantly changing staffing business.

Cody Eagle Horse Godwin, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Godwin will ensure that payroll time cards are processed accurately each week, and that weekly payroll checks are printed and distributed on time. All questions concerning invoicing, payroll, deductions, taxes, and other issues will be directed to Mr. Godwin. Having been responsible for Two Hawk's financial and payroll duties since the beginning of the company in 1999, Mr. Godwin will provide experience and progressive solutions to any invoicing or payroll issues.

Sherwood Southerland, Director of Workforce Services


Mr. Southerland joined Two Hawk Employment Services in June 2014, following his retirement from a 30 year career with the North Carolina Department of Commerce-Division of Workforce Solutions.  His responsibilities include managing Two Hawk Workforce Services’ WIOA contracts, coordinating connections of workforce and economic development services for our corporate clients, and ensuring quality service delivery. 

Harriett Johnson, Human Resources / Safety Director


Mrs. Johnson’s background in safety administration and OSHA compliance, training and motivational techniques, and management of human resources will provide added value to our client accounts.  Ms. Johnson is qualified to assist with or conduct hazard surveys, inspections, Job Hazard Studies, accident investigations and is readily available to provide client Safety and Human Resources teams with any support they may require.