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Client Care


  • Office operating hours are from 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday through Friday

  • Client provided with a cell phone number that can be used anytime our office is closed

  • Office telephones are equipped with standard voicemail as backup, and office email accounts are checked hourly

  • Additional contact information will be provided listing all Two Hawk associates assigned to the account

  • All clients are assured immediate response and assistance from an on-duty specialist



  • Resources used for recruiting include our company website, internet job links, employee and client referrals, radio, television, newspaper and periodical advertising, regional job fairs, college contacts, community involvement, and the Employment Security Commission.


  • Two Hawk advertisements or promotions for recruiting purposes will not use your company name unless instructed by your company.







  • In-depth interviews and reference checks enable Two Hawk to match applicant skill levels to the best suited available position.


  • Two Hawk participates in the Federal E-Verify US employment eligibility authorization program.


  • Drug screens and criminal background checks are conducted to ensure our employees contribute to a drug/violence free work environment.






  • Each new employee will be provided with orientation introducing them to the work environment, the safety program, and GMP.


  • Time permitting, the On-Site Facilitator will provide each new employee with a worksite tour prior to the first day of employment to explain processes, GMP requirements, and safety program.


  • New Two Hawk Staff members will participate in a worksite tour to introduce them to any special needs of the account.


  • Re-orientation will be completed as instructed by your company and whenever there is an accident resulting from neglect of a safety rule or regulation.







  • All orientation and training requirements will be completed prior to the first day of employment

  • Request for specialized training will be discussed prior to the first day of employment

  • The Branch Manager will arrange for any refresher or post-accident training as required







  • Provide Employees with safety orientation, policy review, and GMP guidelines as directed by your company.


  • Branch Manager/Facilitators will attend safety workshops and meetings as required by your company to receivce updates and reviews.


  • All safety issues expressed by your company management will be addressed by Two Hawk.


  • Two Hawk Office Manager will conduct frequent facility walk-throughs to assess Two Hawk compliance.


  • Questions concerning workers' compensation issues and maintenance of OSHA records will be the responsibility of Harriett Johnson, Human Resources/Safety Director.





  • Two Hawk will ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements in regards to EEO, COBRA, FLSA, payroll, employment authorization, unemployment claims, and recordkeeping.






  • Without exception, Two Hawk Employment Services will take appropriate employee disciplinary action whenever warranted or whenever recommended by your company management. We will be responsible for administering all discipline and counseling.





  • Two Hawk payroll will be processed by our Corporate Payroll Department, weekly, with time slips approved by your company supervision.


  • The Two Hawk Branch Manager will handle all payroll questions and direct payroll issues to our corporate office (CFO, Cody E.H. Godwin)


  • Payroll checks will be available for distribution as specified by your company management.