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Partner Benefits...


Employee Screening


Our applicants are fully screened and are personally interviewed by a member of our staff. Each applicant is individually assessed and matched to the job assignment, thereby developing an applicant pool that is specific to each one of our clients needs.


We provide a competitive and all inclusive bill rate which includes:


  • E-Verify for US Work Authorization

  • Criminal Background Investigation

  • Drug Screening

  • Past Employment Reference Checks

  • Safety Orientation and An Ongoing Safety Program

  • On Site Facilitator (Sites employing 50 or more employees)

  • U.S. Department Of Defense Certification (CCR), Small Business Administration (HUB Zone Certification), Minority Vendor Status Carolina Minority Supplier Development Councils, Inc., National Minority Supplier Development Council

  • Full Liability and Workers' Compensation Coverage


We believe, with our employees and our commitment to excellence, we can help your company save a significant amount of time and money. Simply by reducing turnover, your company will achieve cost savings through reduced employment testing and reduced training costs. Call or contact us today so that we may further discuss how Two Hawk Employment Services can tailor our employment services to your specific needs.


Facilitator Program


If Two Hawk Employment Services maintains 50 or more employees on your worksite, your company is eligible for our value-added On-Site Facilitator Program. Two Hawk facilitators are responsible for the following at client facilities:


  • Orientate newly hired employees

  • Enter newly hired employee into timekeeping system

  • Demonstrate time clock

  • Escort/introduce employee to appropriate line

  • Mentor/counsel employee during employment with Two Hawk

  • Maintain timekeeping system with any adjustments necessary throughout the week

  • Provide backup payroll for Two Hawk Branch Manager and your company's accounting department

  • Prepare eligibility report for your company

  • Maintain continuous presence on plant floor

  • Administer safety program - incentives

  • Employee injuries - prepare W/C paperwork - escort employee to medical facility if possible

  • Participant in weekly staff meeting

  • Complete termination/employee waming forms

  • Provide administrative assistant with various requests

  • Attend weekly meetings with your company management to stay in tune with production needs

  • Prepare quarterly inspection report for office manager


Safety Program


Our commitment to building a strong and lasting partnership is most evident in our safety program. The Two Hawk Employment Services safety program focuses on developing and maintaining a high degree of employee safety awareness, it satisfies all current OSHA regulations and requirements, and the program can be tailored to provide support for your specific safety goals and objectives. As partners in safety, we will work with you to ensure the safest work environment possible, and we will challenge our associates to be effective, proactive members of your safety team.


The Two Hawk safety program provides a full menu of added value:
  • A capable, professional, and well-trained staff is always available to provide immediate attention to your safety program's needs. Employee training, communicating changes in safety rules, policies or procedures, or following up on enforcement or accident investigations are a few of the essentials we can provide.


  • Full-time Safety Director qualified to assist with or conduct hazard surveys, inspections, Job Hazard Studies, accident investigations, and available to provide your Safety Administrator or safety team leaders with any support needed to ensure success with meeting safety goals and coordinating safety activities.


  • A proven safety orientation program which focuses on introducing new employees to applicable OSHA regulations and training, specific job hazards, and safeguards and the safe work practices necessary to prevent accidents.


  • Available accident and injury analysis reports to assist your safety administrator in pinpointing trends or hazardous activities.


  • OSHA 300 record keeping and reporting capabilities.


  • Full and complete administration of Workers' Compensation claims.


  • Pre-employment and post accident drug screening requirement.


  • Established performance based incentive awards safety program (Safety Bingo).


We understand the importance of providing a sound and progressive safety program and the major role a high level of employee safety awareness will play in helping you to meet your operating goals. High medical costs, lost productivity, delays in meeting deadlines, and the added costs associated with hiring and retraining replacements are just a few of the unavoidable profit pitfalls you incur each time an accident occurs.


Two Hawk Employment Services will help you reduce the costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses, and we will always be committed to your safety success as a member of your safety team.



Employee Benefits


Two Hawk Employment Services' commitment to quality is extended to our clients, our community, and to our employees. We realize that the quality of service we provide to our customers is directly related to the performance of the individual(s) that we place in the work assignment.


Included in the bill rate are employee benefits that focus on improving quality of life, work ethics, safety awareness, loyalty, and team spirit:


  • In compliance with all federal, state, local laws and regulations, Two Hawk Employment Services will provide administration of all employee benefit programs such as payroll, taxes, deductions, workers compensation, and health benefits utilizing our staff at the Lumberton office with support from the corporate staff at our Lumberton, NC office.


  • Employee incentive programs including perfect attendance and employee referral bonuses are available.


  • Our B-SAFE Bingo Safety promotion rewards employees for outstanding safety performance, and keeps them excited about the program. Safety knowledge and awareness is improved.


  • We offer our employees the opportunity to continue work under a modified duty plan anytime there is a job-related injury and work restrictions have been prescribed by the physician. During this recovery period, the employee has no loss or interruption of wages.


  • We support our employees by supporting our clients with donations of door prizes and gift certificates, or by providing our employees with meals and incentive awards that coincide with the employee recognition or appreciation events you provide for your employees.


  • Two Hawk Employment Services utilizes innovative training aids in the form of competitions, puzzles, and contests with incentive awards available to those employees who learn, retain, and excel. Our training program successfully utilizes this approach to teach and reinforce good work practices.


  • A bi-weekly newsletter entitled Two Hawk News is published and distributed to each branch office to keep our staff well versed on staffing issues, employment and safety regulations, and policy changes.


  • Following 480 hours of assignment at your company location, a Two Hawk Employment Service employee can be hired as a permanent employee without any "hire-away" fees being paid to Two Hawk by your company or the employee.

Affordable Care Act


Two Hawk Employment Services, LLC offers a Preventative and Wellness, Minimum Essential Coverage plan that fully satisfies the employee individual mandate.  This is an Affordable Care Act compliant health plan that is affordable and meets minimum value.  In addition to the Minimum Essential Coverage provided, the employee can purchase additional voluntary products such as:


  • A Minimum Value Plan

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Active Care (cancer, heart & stroke, critical conditions, hospital & accident)