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Workforce Services

About Two Hawk Workforce Services

A True Private Sector Business Focus for WIOA

Translation – businesses and job seekers share common priorities:

Two Hawk’s professional and knowledgeable leadership team partners with you to improve workforce development service delivery with a focus on these key priorities.

How We Do This

Our team works as a collaborative partner with you.

You have unique challenges, goals, and labor markets.

We strive to understand your community needs and adapt service delivery to those specifications.

We bring a wealth of understanding and experience and we focus those tools on the people in your communities—as an integrated partner.

We provide you with program integrity, productivity, and financial accountability.

Our team ensures we are attentive and focused on your community’s stakeholders—job seekers and businesses—and we emphasize a high level of customer service to both.

Employment Training Services

WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, & Youth

Our professional team members provide comprehensive intake, evaluation & assessment services to customers to craft employment & training strategies, enhancing career readiness.

Business Services & Work-Based Learning

We bring an informed and experienced background in economic development & business relationship building that fosters work-based learning opportunities while strengthening local business connections.

Career Center Operations Management

Professional management & coordination of Career Center teams with an emphasis on improving productivity for all programs while ensuring quality customer service—enhancing relevance locally.

Specialized Focus Projects for WIOA Service Delivery

Our team adapts to providing specialized projects within WIOA that meet key community and Center needs—outreach programs, OJT projects, etc.

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Two Hawk Workforce Services provides all aspects of WIOA services to multiple workforce boards across North Carolina. Allow us to demonstrate how we can partner with you to bring a true business focus to the key areas impacting your WIOA programs – employment, business engagement, and productivity. We look forward to speaking with you.

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